Global Warming Results in the Largest Ever Mass Extinction

A new research has come with the revelation that extreme level of global warming, which had left animals in the ocean difficult to breathe, resulted in Earth’s largest ever mass extinction. Almost 95 percent of marine species along with 70 percent of those living on land had got wiped out in massive destruction, which is quite often referred to as ‘The Great Dying.’ Earlier studies have linked the incident with a series of massive volcanic eruptions in Siberia that managed to fill the atmosphere up with greenhouse gases. In a precise manner, what exactly resulted in the oceans, turn out to be so inhospitable to life has gone on to become an unanswered question till this point in time.

The brand new study suggests that as the temperatures started to rise, the warmer water could not hold on to a sufficient amount of oxygen for most of the marine creatures to survive. The US scientists said that lessons learned from the Great Dying have some really major implications towards the destiny what the world out of global warming holds today. They tend to point out the fact that if the emissions of greenhouse continue to remain unchecked, warming of water in the ocean could reach alarming levels. By the year 2300, it could reach somewhere between 35 and 50 percent of the extreme Great Dying. Through a number of computer simulations, the scientists went over to raise greenhouse gases for matching up to the conditions that existed at the time of Great Dying. The model managed to trigger some dramatic changes in the oceans, which went over to lose nearly 80 percent of the oxygen.

Experts previously were not really if the lack of oxygen, heat stress, high acidity or poisonous chemicals wiped away oceanic lives during the end of the Permian period. The present set of experts feel that the Earth is right now going through the sixth mass extinction in its history. The humans have triggered this incident. The resources of Earth getting over-exploited along with pollution and climatic changes due to the high amount of greenhouse gas emissions have all led to the rise in species getting extinct in recent years.

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