Another Sea Turtle Safely Rescued Off The Oregon Coast

This week, it is the second time when a sea turtle was found on the Oregon coast beach. It is a female olive ridley sea turtle. It was found stranded due to the side effects of whipping winds and rough seas in the coastline. One more injured sea turtle was rescued by the Oregon state troopers near Coos Bay this week. It was found on Wednesday late night and named Donatello. It gave a really strong fight to survive.

Both these turtles are kept at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport in a climate-controlled space. These spaces are specially designed for turtle rehab. The staff of the aquarium will slowly increase the temperatures of the turtles. The healthy body temperatures for turtles are about 70° F. They will also administer fluids to the turtles twice a day.

The second turtle was spotted by a couple on Saturday morning while walking along the beach in Wald port. They immediately called the aquarium and requested for the help of state parks ranger for carrying the turtle safely. As per the news from the aquarium, the turtle is in a good state.

The caretakers will be nursing these turtles and may send them to Sea World San Diego for further treatment as their condition starts improving. Once they are ready, they will be released back into their world.

As per the Endangered Species Act, the breed olive ridley of sea turtles is listed to be an endangered species. Hence, the finding of these sea turtles can be said to be a chance to help the species survive.

The weather conditions say that the winter storms and changing oceanic conditions can push the turtles and other sea animals Northward and these animals may land in an improper habitat temperature range. If their body temperature decreases, then they can lose their ability to swim and feed themselves. This can lead to the weakening of these animals and eventually they end up stranded in the Northwest Pacific beaches.

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