Humans Could Get Infected On Mars Hence Making Life Dangerous Out There

All over the history, on each occasion when humans have gone on to explore new places, they have had to encounter one of the biggest issues. The issues related to infectious diseases. The explorers had brought pathogens to local populations, whose immune systems did not manage to fight off any unfamiliar disease. Not only this, even all local people had even harbored bacteria and viruses, which had caused infection to the adventurers. Now, the questions arise that what will happen if there is life on Mars and humans get to travel over there.

Professor of Immunology and Infectious Disease at Harvard University, Pardis Sabeti said that whenever there is a fresh introduction on both sides, lot of risks are involved. According to the professor, there are all kinds of ways, whenever different forms of life get to interact for the first time, all kinds of destruction both in intentional as well as in unintentional manners can take place. NASA has gone on to send rovers to Mars for decades. Not a single vehicle has managed to make a return trip back to Earth. Sabeti said that now with the humans’ travel to Mars on cards, so people must get prepared for the chance that a Martian microbe could cause harm to us. She said that there is not a big reason to feel there is an infectious disease over there, which could cause harm to us. A much bigger issue might well be that human bodies contain trillions of bacteria and those could get the Red Planet infected.

There are still quite a lot of microbes and diseases present on Earth, which we do not quite understand completely. So, if something is found on Mar, which is hugely different from life on Earth, it could well be a lot harder to tackle the problem. Sabeti further said that they try to sequence sufficient things on Earth, which they have a good sense of what life’s tree actually looks like. Then if a sequence is generated but that sequence does not amount to anything, which people have seen previously. Now that is the reason why they would need to bring forth samples from Mars, which may or may not contain life back to Earth for extensive studies.

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