A New Approach Enables Researchers to Turn CO2 into Solid Coal

Researchers have discovered an innovative way to turn carbon dioxide into coal. The new finding is a breakthrough technology that could result in fresh and clean air. The research published in the journal Nature Communications offers a comprehensive approach to transform CO2 into coal. The team, led by RMIT University in Australia, developed the new method. They say the innovative technique can effectively convert CO2 from the gas state into solid particles of carbon. The technology offers an alternative way that safely and permanently removes the greenhouse gas from the atmosphere. Existing technology for carbon catch and store focuses on compressing CO2 into a liquid state. Later it can be transported to a suitable site and injected underground.

The procedure has many obstructs, challenges, and issues which rotate around the economic viability. A significant leak at storage sites also contributes to environmental concerns. Oil and gas companies spend billions of dollars on developing carbon sequestration plants. They store carbon dioxide in porous tanks present under the ground. Carbon sequestration is a process to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and lock it away. But the approach requires more money, as the process compresses CO2 into liquid form. After that, it is injected into landforms within Earth. So the method is not economically feasible without other financial support.

The newly developed technique is another way to lock away CO2 in safe and long term way effectively. Scientists discovered an approach previously, that could convert CO2 into a solid. But it used extremely high temperatures, which is not possible to implement at the industrial level. RMIT researcher Dr. Torben Daeneke said transforming CO2 into a solid could be an eco-friendly technique. They used metals as catalysts to turn the gas back into carbon at room temperature. The approach is expandable and more effective. Dr. Torben said more studies need to take place, and the finding is an important step to deliver solid storage of carbon.

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