World Wars Toons Goes to Sleep as Developer Studio Roqovan Closes

Even though the gaming industry is flourishing, the game development studios are not feeling the trends. One of the most popular cartoonish World Wars Toons game goes offline, as the game developer Studio Roqovan decides to cease the operations. Being the game with 3D and VR gameplay options, it was one of the great games for Virtual Reality lovers. Studio Roqovan announced the closing operations due to difficulties on its Facebook page. With this move, no player can now have access to World Wars toons game even if they’ve paid for it.

In 2015, Studio Roqovan raised nearly $4 million from investors to start the development of World Wars Toons game. With the necessary funding, the game became a reality in 2016, when the company launched the same for PlayStation VR headsets. The game was released as Open Beta for PSVR headsets but never made to the public release. As a result, the company removed the game from PSVR headsets, citing the reason as “Difficulty to manage 2D and VR aspects of the game simultaneously”. Everyone expected the game would come back eventually after fixing the issues, but it never made it back.

In the Facebook post shared by Studio Roqovan, they’ve announced that the company has partnered with SNK gaming to release Arcade version of Metal Slug franchise. The game has been launched in the Korean Peninsula without Metal Slug content, as the issues with Copyright prevented them from doing so. In the same post, the company announced that they are going to stop the operations permanently, and the game “World Wars Toons” will move to another company, if that happens. Studio Roqovan CEO James Chung blamed slow growth of the VR industry, and his failure to bring the game in Public Release cost Studio its life. As 2019 is going fast, experts are expecting rapid growth with the launch of new VR headsets and other devices.

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