Bill Gates claims that if not for the Microsoft antitrust case, people would use Windows Mobile

Bill Gates claims that if not for the Microsoft antitrust case, people would use Windows Mobile

Bill Gates said on Wednesday that Windows might have been the dominant computer operating system in the world had it not been for the U.S. case of antitrust. The Department of Justice filed against Microsoft. “There’s no question that the antitrust lawsuit was terrible for Microsoft, and we’d have focused more on building the mobile operating system, so in its place of consuming Android now, you’d like to know. Would use Windows Mobile had it not been for the antitrust case, “Gates, Microsoft’s co-founder, and board member, told DealBook at the New York Times conference in New York. Gates ‘ remarks provide an alternative reality — actually, Microsoft remains dominant on desktop PCs with Windows and in other categories such as

Business applications for mobile productivity, but it no longer works on Windows. Google Alphabet has the most common mobile operating system, with second place for Apple’s iPhone. Gates ‘ remarks also indicate that major antitrust proceedings may have adverse market consequences against today’s other large technology firms. Facebook became the target of U.S. antitrust investigations and inquiries in the third quarter. House of Representatives, Attorneys General, and the Department of Justice, And Alphabet began receiving civil lawsuits from the Department of Justice regarding previous inquiries into antitrust. Past this year, the Supreme Court said that Apple iPhone operators could bring Antitrust case instead beside Apple on App Store commissions, and the European Union allegedly initiated an antitrust investigation into Amazon in July. “Oh, we were so close, “Gates said in mobile operating systems about the company’s miss.” I’ve been too busy. I screwed it up due to the diversion.

He said the company would have been using on the phone three months too late with a launch from Motorola. Previously this year, Gates thought not making Windows become the dominant mobile operating system was his significant error at Microsoft. “No one ever caught of Windows Portable here now. Yet yeah, well, well. That is a couple 100 billion now, “Gates, one of the richest people in the world, said Andrew Sorkin, a columnist of the Times and Coanchor of the” Squawk Box “of CNBC.

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