Chinese Citizens Would Need Facial Data to Access the Internet Services

chinese citizens would need facial data to access the internet services

China’s strict policies of Internet censorship are known all over the world. With the recent addition of facial tracking of the people to track the activities of the people, the human rights violation allegations stirred the world. Today, it comes to the light that the Chinese Government will soon force the people to use the facial data to access internet services from their smartphone. Also, people are required to use facial recognition to get a new phone number in the country. The Government has ordered the telecommunication companies to scan the faces of the people who are willing to access the internet services and also to get a new phone number.

This is the new rule that will come into reality from December 1st. Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is the regulatory authority for all of the Internet and Telecommunication regulations in the country. According to the official statement from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the decision was taken to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the citizens in cyberspace. The new regulations will apply to the 854 million Internet users in the country.

Once the regulation becomes active, the Peoples’ Republic of China will be the first country in the world to require the Facial ID to buy a phone number. Also, the regulation will prevent users from transferring their phone numbers to other users. From now on, the phone number will stay connected to the face of the person and can be disconnected manually by buying a new phone number and surrendering the old number. The new regulation is part of the broader movement from the Government to keep track of the internet usage of the people and identify the people who are using the services for fraudulent activities. The Chinese Government is currently using super cameras with 500-megapixels quality all over the country to collect the facial data and keep track of the activity of the citizens.

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