Coastal Clothing is a Trend That’s Gaining Momentum on Social Media

coastal clothing

When it comes to coastal clothing, the options are limitless. Whether you’re covering up from the sun in a terrycloth mini dress, or looking to impress for a waterfront dinner reservation in a tan and white striped number, a few key pieces like a large-brimmed hat and a chic cover up are all you need to pull off coastal clothing, a trend that’s gaining momentum on social media.

The ‘coastal grandma’ aesthetic, named after Nancy Meyers-like characters living their best lives in affluent beach towns, calls for modern takes on cozy and breezy classics you’d see on the beachfront property of said character: crisp linen shirts, chunky cardigans, summer tote bags, slide sandals and more. While the style has been categorized as frumpy and old-fashioned, that isn’t necessarily the case, especially for younger people.

Coastal Chic: Embrace the Relaxed and Stylish Vibes of Coastal Clothing

Coastal beachwear has always had an alluring appeal. From the striped petticoats of the herring ‘fisherladies’ of Lowestoft to the elegant dresses and bonnets worn by the women who worked on the local fishing fleets, seaside attire has always offered an opportunity for the leisured classes or later thrill-seeking day-trippers to display a sense of ostentatious dressing. The hedonistic holiday atmosphere allowed sartorial excess that would have been condemned in town, and it was not uncommon to see young ladies who were ‘perfectly decorous and well behaved in London’ abandon all rules of decency at the beach.

For a more updated take on the beach wardrobe, consider a bright floral print or a chic two-piece terrycloth capri set. And don’t forget a pair of sleek sunglasses, which can be a great addition to your beach bag and help you avoid the harsh UV rays. Look for frames with a CE mark to ensure they protect your eyes.