Facebook Announces ‘Military And Veterans Hub’

facebook announces ‘military and veterans hub’

In a bid to help active military members as well as veteran and their families, social media giant Facebook has launched a new resource called the ‘Military and Veterans Hub.’ The new resource will help them to improve their digital literacy and find better employment opportunities. The new resource will use the internet’s greatest strength which is its ability to connect people with one another across great distances. This strength has helped reducing the harrowing time of family members of active military members when they get posted in faraway lands and even in conflict zone. Now this is a step forward by Facebook that will help active military members and veterans to communicate and reintegrate into society.

The new resource hub has been launched just few days before Veterans Day. The hub will help serving military members and veteran to build their community, enhance their skills and find job opportunities. The venture will be undertaken in partnership with mentoring organization SCORE. Under this venture, the Facebook will launch a 12-month career development pilot program that will focus on AR and VR engineering for veterans with backgrounds in computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering. According to the social media giant, the initiative is designed to ‘help us solve global challenges.’ Many veterans already possess skills needed to work in other areas and this initiative will further develop their skills which will make a significant impact on their lives after their service.

Military veteran and owner of Tin Hut BBQ Frank Diaz said that this initiative is going to make it a lot easier for them to access these tools. This hub will consolidates already available number of tools across Facebook into one place. It will also provide an educational toolkit to ease the process of launching a business for veterans. The initiative will also focus on offering veteran-focused interactive workshops. “We are grateful to veterans for all they have done for us and extremely proud to help them and their families who are willing to start their own business,” said SCORE chief executive officer Bridget Weston.

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