Finally, Oreo has Revealed the Mystery Flavor of 2019

Finally, Oreo has Revealed the Mystery Flavor of 2019

Mysteries don’t remain forever; a day comes when everything pops out. Another secret has come to an end. Before few months, Oreo had announced it was launching a mystery flavor of the sandwich cookie. At the time, it had asked Oreo fans to guess the new add-ons in the batch relying on the taste. The company had offered helpful clues on its web portal. The fans, who guessed accurately were entered into a jackpot. From those winners, the company has randomly selected a single candidate who has won $50,000 as a reward. Notably, the competition took place from Nov. 10, and the flavors were shown yesterday, i.e., on December 02.

Some of the customers called it a too sweet cookie, while some were unable to stop munching over it. Apart from this, everyone has identified a strong cinnamon flavor in the cookie. Whereas, some surmised cookies contain speculoos (cookie butter), graham crackers, or gingerbread. Well, there were several predictions regarding the mysterious taste of Oreo cookies. But churro was not one among many of the suspected ingredients. Still, the sandwich cookie maker has not disclosed the number of entries with the correct answer. According to a company representative, they have received all types of flavor predictions from hundreds of thousands of customers. Even more, the executive has praised the significant level of consumer participation.

Finally, the twelve-week puzzle has been solved. The company has announced its secret flavor, which chased the contest. Churro is the flavor of Mystery Oreo. It is not the first time for the cookie maker has marketed mystery Oreo. It has happened before, in 2017, that the company has asked customers to predict the Oreo flavor other than its typical black-and-white Oreo sandwich cookies. On Monday, Oreo has eventually Tweeted a message – Case closed! The #MysteryOREO is Churro flavored crème. Even more, the company has praised fans by saying – excellent work, super-sleuths. Besides, Oreo has notified on its website that it has directly notified the winner of its Mystery OREO sweepstakes. In the end, the only remaining mystery is whether the company will try this trick for the third time.

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