Getting the Right Support For Children With Special Needs

Children with sen need to have the right support to learn in the same way as other children of their age. Without special teachers, alternative learning methods and a real understanding of their needs they can get left behind and their potential for education will be lost. This is why all schools are required to have a special educational needs coordinator (SENCO) to ensure that sen children are receiving the right support and help.

All children will have difficulties with their schoolwork at some point. For sen children those difficulties can be much more serious. Parents and teachers must recognise these when they happen and take the right action. A good classroom teacher will be alert to the signs of a SEN pupil and supportive of formal assessment. However, this is a specialist job and best carried out by educational psychologists.

Supporting SEN Children in the Classroom: Strategies for Success

If the SENCO believes that your child has a specific need then they will arrange extra help through a process called Additional SEN Support. This will involve setting targets and desired outcomes with you and your child. If your child is not making progress with this support it is possible that you will have to apply for an Education, Health and Care needs assessment from the Local Authority.

Visiting a selection of schools is important, especially when you are looking at schools that offer provision for sen pupils. Some schools do not advertise that they cater for sen and it is worth asking if they do.