Keys to Keeping Your Oven Clean

oven clean

The key to keeping your oven clean is preventing drips. No matter how well you use your oven, it is inevitable that some drips will occur, especially if you have racks in your oven. A drip is nothing more than a liquid seeping into the interior of your oven and causing a reaction that will steam and melt some of the stuff on your racks. The best way to prevent drips is to make sure that racks are not leaning against the sides of the oven and that there is no moisture present on the racks themselves. In these conditions a simple wipe with a damp cloth should take care of the drip problem.


The other key to keeping your oven clean is keeping the inside of your oven clean. One of the best ways to do this is with aluminum foil. Aluminum foil can be wrapped around the inside of your oven racks and is a great way to stop drips before they happen. If you already have an issue with drips then it might be worth looking at getting some aluminum foil for your oven racks. This can help prevent drips but also acts as a great heatsink and can help keep your oven clean. You can buy these in a roll or in pieces and place them in your oven racks or even on the heating element itself.


Another key to keeping your oven clean is keeping the self-cleaning oven mits clean. The self-cleaning oven mits will accumulate a lot of soot over time. If you don’t keep the mats clean then you will find that they collect a lot of smoke. Some people try to clean their mitts with a little bit of water and then coat the area with an aluminum foil but this isn’t really recommended because the smoke will still adhere to the aluminum foil and it could eventually catch fire. If you want to keep the self-cleaning function working then you will want to keep the oven mitts clean.