NASA InSight Mars Lander Captures Weird Sounds On Planet’s Surface

nasa insight mars lander captures weird sounds on planet’s surface

Insight Mars Lander of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has recorded some eerie sounds on the surface of the red planet. The Lander has an extremely sensitive recording device Seismic Experiment for Interior Structure which has sensed over 100 events ever since it was deployed on December 19 last year. Of these, only 21 have been identified as low rumbles of Marsquakes and other as otherworldly sounds. NASA recently released the audio sample that is far too sensitive to be heard by the human ear and therefore it had to be enhanced. SEIS is extremely sensitive and a key part of InSight so researchers expected these results. SEIS is NASA’s mission to understand the interior of the red planet. These sounds will help researchers understand things happening inside Mars.

According to NASA, the French seismometer is sensitive enough to hear the Martian wind as well as movements by the InSight lander’s robot arm.”It is very exciting, particularly in the beginning, hearing the first vibrations from the InSight Lander,” said Constantinos Charalambous. Charalambous of Imperial College London has helped provide the audio recordings.

The German drilling instrument first recorded its first seismic rumbling in April but has been inactive for the past few months. Researchers are trying to save the experiment to measure the internal temperature of the red planet. It measures how Marsquakes travel through Mars revealing clues to the physical nature of the red planet.

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