Pair of supermassive black holes may be present in our galaxy

Pair of supermassive black holes may be present in our galaxy

The formation process of the galaxy suggests that there are pairs of black holes in the universe. Supermassive black holes are one of the most difficult places in the universe. A black hole is a place having a strong gravitational pull, and even light cannot pass through it. Miniature, Stellar, and Supermassive are the three types of black holes. Mass of supermassive black hole can be equivalent to billions of sun. Blackhole having a mass more than a million times than the sun is called a supermassive black hole. The center of our galaxy called Sgr* has the supermassive black hole surrounding where there are multiple clusters of stars.

Measurement of orbits of these stars allows astronomers to calculate the mass of the black hole and prove its existence. Scientists have been studying this for 20 years. There is a chance of second black hole nearby, which may weigh one lack times that of the sun. Each galaxy has supermassive black at its center, and the scientists are still trying to find out why black holes host the center of the galaxy. One hundred million years ago, the size of the galaxy was small compared with that of today. They were ten thousand or more times smaller than our galaxy. Amongst these galaxies, one-star died to form black holes, which then collected at the center of gravity at the galaxy’s center. Galaxy evolves with the collision amongst another, and it led to the formation of the black hole pairs. These black holes collide to grow bigger.

Twin supermassive black holes orbit each other exerting forces on each other as well as nearby stars. Astronomers can suggest a prediction about the stars by studying their gravitational interaction. This study can determine the orbits of stars and find out the companion of the supermassive black hole. The proximity of the center of galaxy provides the solution for the fundamental physics of supermassive black holes. The discovery of a pair of supermassive black holes will indicate that the milky way merged in the past with each other.

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