Starbucks Apologizes After Two Riverside County Deputies Claim They Were Refused Service

Starbucks Apologizes After Two Riverside County Deputies Claim They Were Refused Service

Starbucks is once again in news for all the wrong reasons. The coffeehouse chain has been accused of mistreatment of law enforcement officers. Two Riverside County deputies in California have claimed that employees at the retailer refused them service on Thursday night. The incident happened at a Starbucks outlet in Riverside County near the University of California. The employees of the outlet allegedly ignored the uniformed deputies for nearly five minutes and did not offer to provide the services. The law enforcement officers eventually decided to leave. After the matter came to light, Starbucks apologized to the department and the deputies for the lack of service.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department tweeted about the incident saying they are aware of ‘cop with no coffee.’ The incident occurred on 12/12/19. “We are in touch with Starbucks Corporate addressing the issue of two deputies being denied service,” the tweet reads. ‘Starbucks employees have repeatedly displayed the anti-police culture and it must end,” said Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco.

Bianco, while replying to twitter users, revealed that the two deputies were ignored despite they tried to seek help from employees several times. He claimed that the entire incident was caught on CCTV cameras. Starbucks has taken full responsibility for the incident and apologized directly to the deputies. “We are deeply sorry and there is simply no excuse for how the law enforcement officers were ignored for 5 minutes,” the statement by the coffee giant reads.

This incident marks the third such instance where Starbucks has been accused of mistreating police officers since July. The first incident happened in Tempe, Arizona when six officers claimed they were asked by a barista to move away. They claimed that the barista said that a customer complained that he felt nervous because of their presence. In another incident, Chief Johnny O’Mara of Oklahoma saw the word ‘pig’ printed on one of the cups. The employee who put the offensive word was fired and Starbucks had apologized to law enforcement.

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