How Much Will 0300 Numbers Cost From A Landline?

Whether you’re calling a dental team or your child’s school, every telephone number is expensive. Find out more in this post.

What are 0300 numbers?

What are 0300 numbers

Numbers in the 0300 range will typically cost a bit more from a landline than other phone numbers. This is because these numbers are typically associated with premium services and features. These extra fees can add up quickly, so it’s important to do your research before choosing a number in this range.

How can you get a 0300 number?

How can you get a 0300 number

If you want to keep your landline number, you may have to pay for it. The cost of a 0300 number can vary depending on the provider, but it will typically be more expensive than a regular phone line. However, there are ways to get a 0300 number without paying extra.

Some providers offer discounted rates for customers who are willing to switch to a 0300 number. This way, you can avoid paying the full price for the number and still have access to the same features and services that come with a regular line. If this isn’t an option, there are other options available. You can sign up for a VoIP service and use your existing telephone number. This way, you’ll get the benefits of a 0300 number without having to pay extra for it.

The cost of 0300 Numbers

The cost of 0300 Numbers

From a landline, the cost of 0300 numbers is typically £3.00 per month plus your Network provider’s access charge.


If you’re looking to get a landline number from O2, it’ll cost you. A basic line will set you back £5 a month with no additional bells or whistles and an annual contract is available for an extra £10 on top. You can also buy numbers individually which will work out at around 58p per number per month.…