Teen Suicide Cases Are on Rise in the US, a New CDC Report Reveals

teen suicide cases are on rise in the us, a new cdc report reveals

The latest federal report reveals suicide rate among teens is rising since the past few years in the US. Rather than giving first preference to their children, nowadays both parents prefer walking-out and doing some job or business. Many times, parents fail to attend their children despite being at home. As a result, children may feel lonely and have depression, which often ends with a suicide. According to the CDC, the suicide rate of people between ages 10-24 has soared by 56% between 2007-2017. Even more, the federal agency noted a fall by 23% in the rate of homicide death amid 2007-2014. But after that, though in 2017, the CDC noticed a rise of 18% in cases of murders.

For many years, suicide cases among young adults had become rare, along with a constant frequency. But from the past decade, the number of teens suicide has increased from 6.8 fatalities per 100,000 people to 10.6. The report also pinpoints that suicide ranks second in the most common reason for death among teens. Even more, the figure has overtaken the rate of homicide cases; only accidental deaths have outpaced the number of suicidal deaths.

A statistician at the CDC Sally Curtin has crafted the latest report of the Centers and Disease Control and Prevention. As per the author, the probability of a young adult death is more than a homicide death. She noted the rate used to the contrary. Sally said when a primary reason for death among youth is rising, it becomes necessary for all of us to watch out and beware of what’s going around. The significant rise in suicidal cases among teens has particularly disappointed and mystified scientists who have strived to explain its reasons. Some researches blame the rapidly transforming the structure of society while others claim community deficiency. Even more, they claim increased usage of smartphones and social media, along with a lack of sleep and mental pressure. Researchers say a rise in depression in adolescents, stress, and drug use seems contributors to this condition.

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