The Jaguar E Type – An Iconic Car

Jaguar e series is an iconic car. It’s a sports car that set pulses racing and has been hailed as one of the greatest cars in history.

Designed to use the same platform as the D-type, the E-type was launched in 1961 and offered in fixed head coupe (FHC) and open two seater convertible roadster (OTS) forms. It was the first Jaguar to be available with power-assisted rack and pinion steering, as well as air conditioning on American market cars.

It was also the first Jaguar to feature bolt-on pressed steel wheels, as well as an opening rear hatchback that opened from the driver’s side. Its independent rear suspension was a key design feature, as were the sturdier bumpers and the careful use of rubber for body control.

The Jaguar E-Type: An Investment Worth Making

The E-type is a great car to drive, it is quick and agile, even by modern standards. The inline six engine makes it sound more powerful than it really is, while the incredibly strong bonded chassis means that it remains light and direct when it’s up to speed.

A good driving experience will be enhanced by the many little luxuries that adorn the cockpit, like headlight flashers, windshield washers and anti-glare rear view mirrors, which add to the sense of being in control when on the move. Despite being a sporty car, it’s not overly opulent or over-designed, making it a great choice for most drivers.

It’s also a great car to drive with the windows up, as its wind noise is a delight and the tyres are extremely responsive and quiet. It also has a very low noise emissions score so it’s a very clean car to drive.