US Justice Department Sues Five Companies for Robocalls

US Justice Department Sues Five Companies for Robocalls

On Tuesday, the U.S. Justice Department has announced its very first measures of constraints against telecommunication operators. The federal action is regarding assisting robocalls. Jody Hunt, Assistant Attorney General for the department’s civil section, said it includes two groups rooted in India and functioning away from home address in Arizona and New York. The executive noted the groups were liable for several hundred thousand calls every month. For now, the department is looking for court permission to stop the companies from making additional calls. Reportedly, the DOJ has attempted to find a provisional order against five companies and three persons. The individuals have a charge of carrying millions of bogus robocalls to the US.

Hunt also noted that the calls, originally from India, have tricked called IDs from various numbers, including the IRS, Social Security, and 911. He added such calls are often leading to destructive financial impairment. According to the executive, fraudsters take away hundreds of thousands of dollars from customers every year. The companies now on target are supposedly gateway telecommunications carriers who knowledgeably pass deceptive calls. The lawsuit from the U.S. Justice Department noted the majority of the calls have had utilized VoIP (voice over internet protocol) carriers. In other words, they have utilized internet connections as an alternative for conventional copper phone lines.

A list of companies included in the lawsuit comprises Global Vociecom Inc., KAT Telecom Inc., Global Telecommunication Services Inc., and The Justice Department noted on Tuesday that foreign evaders have more often used robocalls to imitate US federal officials, particularly from immigration and tax agencies. Even more, they attempt to frighten the person who attends the call in an effort to reveal sensitive data. The department also noted that the accused companies take payment to enable calling and pass them over the regular U.S. telecommunications network. Above all, the Justice Department will function with law enforcement partners worldwide and India to try and find and prosecutor the robocall makers.

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