What You Can Do and See in Charleston SC

Charleston, South Carolina’s largest port city, is punctuated by its historic cobblestone streets, elegant horse-drawn carriage and early English homes, especially in the beautiful French Quarter and historic Battery Park districts. The Battery Park district contains the historic Old Courthouse and State Capitol, while the French quarter contains the graceful French Broad Waterfront and the highly acclaimed Charleston Art Museum. The Waterfront Park district, which includes a new five-star hotel, hosts a variety of events, such as festivals, concerts, parades and food festivals. The recently renovated Waterfront Park also features an indoor shopping center and restaurants. click here

Finding the Right Charleston Remodeling Team

Charleston’s close proximity to the Elizabeth River and Atlantic Ocean makes it a favorite fishing destination for many tourists. Fishing charters and companies along the Elizabeth River provide affordable lodging, delicious seafood and boat tours. Charleston was named one of America’s 50 best places to visit in 2008 and was selected as one of Americas 100 Best Places to Visit in the poll conducted by the American Society of Travel Agents. Charleston’s convenient location, excellent beaches and restaurants and stately mansions make it a desirable place to visit for a weekend or a week.

In Charleston SC, the question of where to park can be answered with only one word: Right Around Charleston! Free parking is provided at the city’s three airports, including the airport owned Charleston International Airport. Charleston hotels often provide complimentary parking on hotel sidewalks or in their parking lots. As long as you know your way around Charleston, you’re sure to save some money and have a fun time in this exciting southern town.