Benefits of Breathing Classes

Benefits of Breathing Classes

Active meditation and breathing classes are the cornerstones of spiritual living BreathMasters – breathing classes, and can have profound physical and mental benefits. Breathing classes strengthen the intercostal muscles and diaphragm, increasing the capacity of the lungs. They also improve circulation and boost brain and body oxygen levels. There are many benefits to breathing classes, and they vary widely depending on the purpose of the class. Some classes focus on improving balance, overcoming trauma, or simply helping people sleep better.

Other benefits of breathing techniques include reducing the likelihood of developing a cold, and can help a woman cope with contractions. They can also help women relax and center themselves while they’re in labor. Breathing classes are ideal for women 15 weeks and up, and couples sessions are held monthly. You can learn the techniques that work for you, or try a few on your own. You’ll soon realize that they work incredibly well for coping with labor pain.

Functional breathing is a fundamental pillar of health, as it is the first autonomic function in our body. The way we breathe affects our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Classes explore the science and practical applications of breathing. Students follow videos and work with breathing expert Patrick McKeown. No previous experience is needed. You can complete the class at home, and the certification process takes about 10 weeks to complete. These classes are a cost-effective way to improve your health and your life.

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