Benefits of Modular Flat Staging

Modular Flat Staging

Modular Flat Staging is a flexible staging solution for a wide range of applications. These stages are lightweight and compact, allowing them to fit easily into most vehicles. They can also be assembled quickly and efficiently by one person. Stage platforms and risers are designed with safety in mind, offering dual stair/step units that provide safe access for both able-bodied and wheelchair performers.

The modular construction method offers many benefits for builders, owners and stakeholders alike. Most importantly, it helps to reduce project schedules. In addition, it allows projects to be fabricated in a controlled environment where weather conditions do not affect progress. It also limits the amount of materials needed on-site, thus reducing storage costs and eliminating security concerns. In many cases, the pre-fabricated modules are outfitted with flooring, cabinets, counters and other finishes, making them a more complete solution than traditional site built structures.

Transform Your Event with Modular Flat Staging: A Comprehensive Guide

Staging smaller and vacant properties with easy to assemble modules is a growing business for property managers. The lightweight, transportable pieces can be combined with real furniture to stage a property and speed up the sales process. They can also be used in large properties where transporting furniture through narrow hallways and elevators is a challenge.

Intellistage has a number of modular flat staging solutions available, including folding stages, platform and telescopic systems. Each has its own unique characteristics and uses, but all share the same convenience factors. These include simple assembly and disassembly, compact dimensions, weight and low price point.