Halo Dog Collars Review

Halo dog collars

Halo dog collars is one of the most advanced dog collars on the market – it’s basically a virtual fence, GPS tracker, and activity tracker all in one. While it does use shocks to contain your dog, the company aims not to be harsh and starts by giving your pup a warning first if they wander too close to the boundary. This feedback can be in the form of a sound, vibration, or mild static shock. If they continue to cross the perimeter, then the device will produce emergency feedback – which could also be a sound, vibration, or a mild static shock. This added level of prevention feedback keeps your dog safe and further away from the boundaries.

Halo Dog Collars: Illuminating the Path to Safe and Effective Training

The device comes with a free 21-day training program to help your dog get accustomed to the technology. You can choose between a silver or gold subscription plan, but the latter is only recommended for people that are willing to pay extra for monthly premium training lessons and Q&A sessions with Halo’s expert trainers.

You can customize the frequency and intensity of the prevention feedback with 15 levels to suit your dog’s needs. Additionally, you can adjust the safety radius to ensure your dog has plenty of room to play and run around in your yard. This feature is a great way to prevent your pet from becoming overwhelmed by the system, and it’s something that other wireless fence brands lack. Halo is more expensive than other electronic collars, but its high-tech features make it worth the investment.