How Big is a Netball Court?

how big is a netball court

How big is a netball court is a fast-paced sport played on a rectangular court by two teams of seven players. It is one of few sports created specifically for women and girls, and it is currently a popular recreational activity. The game’s rules emphasize passing and positioning. It also prohibits physical player contact and dribbling, and it requires a higher level of accuracy than basketball. The goal of the game is to shoot a ball through a raised target ring (goal circle) into an opponent’s scoring zone.

A netball court should be level and firm, preferably wooden, but it can also be made of other materials provided that they are safe to play on. The court size is set by the governing body, and the dimensions of a standard netball court are:

Mastering Netball: The Importance of Understanding Netball Court Size and Its Impact on the Game

The dimensions of a netball court also include the area around the shooting circle (goal circle), which must be at least as wide as the base line. Ideally, the shooting circle should be positioned 3.05 metres (10.0 ft) high from the ground, with the post and ring of the shooting zone extending out into the field of play.

The optimum surface for a netball court is an acrylic cushioned sports surface, which reduces force on the players. Premier’s acrylic cushion system features a multilayer floating system that includes different sizes of post-consumer recycled rubber underlay to provide a softened impact on the body to reduce injuries and fatigue. This system is available in a range of colors to suit the appearance of your facility.