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Billiards (also known as pool) is a cue sport played on a cloth-covered billiard table bounded by rubber cushions attached to the rails. It is a popular game for families and groups at home and in bars, pubs and private rec rooms.

It involves 16 balls, which are made up of 15 object Pool and Billiard | IndoorGameBase and one cue ball. The table consists of six pockets built into the rails, split by cushioning. These pockets are located one at each corner and one in the middle of each long rail.

Pocket billiards is the most common form of billiards, and it is considered to be one of the most traditional forms of billiards in the world. It is also the most common billiards played at professional level.

Pool and Billiards: A Comprehensive Guide to Equipment, Rules, and Strategy

Pool is another form of billiards that is a very popular game in many countries including Australia and the United States. This game uses 9 to 15 balls depending on the version that is being played. It is also a very fast game and is a great beginner-friendly game for both beginners and professionals.

Cloth – The cloth on a pool table makes the balls travel slower, which is why it is often faster for players to hit them. It is made from a tight, napless wool-nylon blend or 100% synthetic. The blends are preferred by many professional players, but the faster-playing 100% woolen cloth is the most common in high-end billiard parlours and pool halls.