LVL Music Academy

music lessons singapore  lvl music academy

LVL Music Academy is a reputable music school in Singapore, offering 1-to-1 private music lessons. The music teachers at this academy are ABRSM-qualified, competition-winning, and dedicated to ensuring that their students get the best possible instruction. They teach a wide variety of instruments, from piano and violin to viola and cello. Students can buy or rent their instruments, which is another plus point.

 Music Lessons Singapore

Students at the academy learn to play the violin, guitar, ukulele, and piano. These music lessons Singapore are graded, and students work towards internationally recognised qualifications. These music classes singapore are suitable for both beginners and aspiring professionals. The academy also offers music lessons for children and adults of all ages. The students take music lessons that will prepare them for various exams, including the ABRSM.

LVL Music Academy has been in the business of giving students excellent music education for over a decade. The school is known for its highly passionate and caring staff. It has helped over 300 candidates pass their ABRSM exams. They also provide performance opportunities and holistic education to students. The school is recommended by other mamas. Its reputation for excellent teaching and excellent facilities have led to its continued success.

The Belcanto Violins and Cristofori’s Music School are two prominent piano schools in Singapore. The Belcanto Violins Academy focuses on technical precision and motivating passion for kids. They even offer baby music lessons. While the Belcanto Violins school is located in the heart of Chinatown, it’s also well known for its quality string instruments. In addition to piano lessons, Belcanto Violins also offers music lessons for beginners of all ages and levels.

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