Monterey Preschool

The beautiful, picturesque Monterey Preschool Claremont meadows, California features two distinct sections: the campus area on Main Street and the village green located across the street. This quaint little town is nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the San Gabriels River. Many families visit Monterey Preschool for the variety of natural attractions it offers. In particular, the lush, ever-changing mountain ranges of the mountains in the vicinity of the campus are a spectacular highlight for students. Besides their natural beauty, many schools feature local artwork, historical monuments, outdoor athletic facilities, and many other interesting sites and activities.

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Monterey Preschool

As a preschooler attending kindergarten at Monterey Preschool, you’ll learn how to care for children, grow and develop emotionally, and appreciate many of the great qualities in life. You’ll also work hand-in-hand with other preschoolers and adults to make sure that your Monterey Preschool education progresses at an even rate. Many of the daily routines – busing kids to activities, helping them to practice their various skills and talents, preparing meals, and helping them get ready for school – are carried out with delightful enthusiasm by your preschoolers. As a result, they love going to preschool and look forward to every day of learning.

You can spend as much or as little time at Monterey Preschool as your family wishes. There are a wide range of options for accommodations available to families of all sizes. You may choose to reserve one of the many homes available in the preschool’s village green. The spacious, fully-equipped homes offer convenient entry and access to the preschool facility, as well as several daycare spaces for the children of preschoolers who need extra stimulation before, during, and after school.