Plate Loaded Equipment UK

Our range of plate loaded equipment is used extensively in commercial gyms and PT studios. Each machine has been designed to target specific groups of muscles. They have a low maintenance cost and are extremely easy to use with minimal settings, making them ideal for beginners and professional bodybuilders alike. We have a wide variety of plate load machines including chest presses, hack squat and leg curl equipment.Go here

Plate-loaded machines are a step up from selectorized strength equipment. Selectorized equipment has a pre-selected weight stack that you can select by inserting a pin, whereas plate-loaded machines have round plates that are loaded and offloaded like traditional barbells. This gives you the ability to increase and decrease resistance through the entire movement of the exercise, which provides a more personalised strength workout experience.

Full-Body Workouts with Plate Loaded Equipment: Maximizing Efficiency

However, with this increased freedom comes the downside that it can take longer to change the weight on a plate-loaded machine, which may interrupt your workout flow. Moreover, the number of plates that can be added and removed is usually limited up to a maximum amount.

Alternatively, some people have complained that the resistance curve on plate-loaded equipment may be imbalanced, as it is easier to move a single pin on a stack machine than to add or remove several plates on a machine with a base. In this article, we look at the pros and cons of both types of equipment and consider which one is right for you.