Selecting a Food Dehydrator

DescriptionA food dryer is a mechanical device that extracts moisture out of food to help in its preservation during storage. Food dehydrating is an ancient technique of preserving meat, fruits and vegetables which were practiced since ancient times. It is done by air-drying the food at high temperatures in a drying rack, which causes changes in the chemical makeup of the food resulting in a longer shelf life. The practice of drying food for preservation dates back to the time of Moses. Food dehydrating can be done both manually and electronically.

7 Best Food Dehydrators

Digital dryers are much more compact than older types of equipment and the food does not have to be stored in a dark place for long periods of time. There is no smoke or fumes produced by the dryer and it is also safe for children and animals. However, there are certain precautions that one must take before purchasing a dryer and these include reading the product literature thoroughly and making sure that it is suitable for the intended purpose.

Another consideration to keep in mind is the wattage (watts) of the dryer being purchased. The higher the wattage, the dryer will produce more heat which will help dry more food faster and thus be able to keep a more consistent temperature. More wattage generally equates to more drying power. A small to medium sized electric food dehydrator should be more than enough for most needs. Size will also be a matter of convenience. If the food you want to dry is not too large, a smaller size food dehydrator should be more than adequate.