The Fun Jobs Of The Topless Waitress

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There are so many fun things to do and see in and around the Big Apple. Some of these places might even be best known as topless waitresses because they perform their job in a totally topless manner. Topless waitressing Melbourne work at strip clubs, but some of them work at some of the more unusual and less mainstream eating places in the city as well. You can usually find topless waitresses at most any kind of restaurant that serves food to the general public. Some of these restaurants may even have separate areas for topless waitresses and regular waitresses.


A lot of the smaller places like diners, pizza places and other kinds of eateries often have topless waitresses working the tables. In some of these places the owners of the establishment may even have the girls perform topless at certain times of the day. If you happen to go to a strip club you may see a topless waitress working in the bathrooms or on the stage. Sometimes you will even see a topless waitress in the mall or at any kind of mall. These waitresses are not always paid, they may just work off of tips that the customers give to them.


The women who work in these places are called strip club bouncers. They are also sometimes called “carnies” by their regular customers since a lot of them are in the nude and work the tables. In fact one of the jobs of a topless waitress is to provide lap dances to customers. So, if you want to make a good living being a strip tease then you should probably consider applying to be a topless waitress.