Things to See and Do When Visiting the City of Los Limoneros

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The main highlight of our trip was the visit to Car Service Toowoomba. With a wide range of car services operating around the clock, it is not difficult to get to your destination in time. All the major car hire operators such as Avis, Europcar and Thrifty provide excellent pick up services at various entry/exit points in and around Los Limoneros. We decided to give our attention to this particular region because of the many possibilities it offers to travelers. It can be said that there are very less cars available for hire during evenings or on weekends. This was proven true for us when we visited Los Limoneros during the weekend, while there were plenty of cars available for hire in the early evening hours.

How to Do See and Visiting the City of Los Limoneros

Another great attraction of the region is the logbook servicing area located at Los Limoneros. This part of town is quite old, having been around since the 19th century. In addition to having a variety of cars to choose from, we were also able to get to learn more about the history of the area through the logbook servicing. This made for a very interesting day and we got to see some interesting things revolving around the region’s tourism industry.

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