Types of Playground Equipment

Commercial Playground Equipment

Playground Equipment | Orca Coast Playground  is the physical structures used in parks and playgrounds for kids to explore and play. They help develop coordination, balance, and motor skills and encourage social interaction and imagination. There are many different types of children’s outdoor playground equipment available, from simple swings and slides to elaborate climbing walls, rock-climbing elements and specialized play systems that allow kids to build their own structures.

Residential playground options are typically available for purchase at big box stores or online, and tend to be pre-packaged with no options for additions or replacements. Commercial playground equipment, on the other hand, is designed to be customized and can be configured into a variety of different designs to suit your space, goals, and budget.

Choosing the Right Commercial Playground Equipment for Your Business: Factors to Consider

Commercial playground equipment is also made with stronger, more resilient materials because it is expected to handle a larger number of kids at one time and to be in use for longer periods of time than backyard playsets. It is also often designed to be inclusive, with features that provide access for children of all abilities and ages.

The benefits of kids’ playground equipment extend beyond fun and adventure to support healthy development and a love for physical activity that will last a lifetime. Instilling this love at a young age will allow children to maintain a balanced lifestyle and lead a healthy life. Whether you’re looking for a full playground system or just freestanding components, we have an array of options at low prices that adhere to national safety standards.